Problem Solving in Math – Why Our Kids Don't Like It

Children want a math solver that will make their math lessons simple and effective. You cannot blame children for disliking math! It’s a subject which is confusing at the best of times, and even when it appears simple, it’s very difficult to understand. However, why do kids dislike problem solving in math? Maybe it’s time to find out about why your children might not like the whole concept of problem solving when it comes to math equations and problems.

Math Equations Appear Deceptively Difficult

Everyone says math problems can be solved within minutes because it’s a logical and very easy answer behind it. However, trying to work out the answer is extremely difficult, and children don’t like it! When math equations appear, they are deceptively difficult and even though they appear on face value as simple to solve, they turn out to be extremely confusing. That’s why even when children use a fraction calculator they still don’t like to solve a few problems with math!

Problem Solving in Math – Why Our Kids Don't Like It

They Take Too Long To Work On Out Tests

Let’s be honest, lots of math problems appear on tests and exams; and when that happens, children panic because they realize they only have a limited amount of time to solve it. When panic sets in, kids start to over think the problem and get into a tangle. It’s not ideal, and in truth no child wants to see a math problem on their exam! Remember, simple math problems turn into confusing math problems which have to be carefully worked out. In most cases, the child has to spend ten or fifteen minutes on one math problem, with the rest of the test still to go. Even with a math solver to assist, they take far too long to work out and it’s so frustrating.

Teachers Don’t Offer Real Help

A lot of teachers tackle problem solving in math with an air of ease, but that makes kids frustrated. Sometimes, teachers don’t explain how to solve the problem; they give a perfect answer and expect the children to understand what they have said. However, nine times out of ten, children don’t have a clue as to what’s going on and even when they use a fraction calculator to work out the problem, they still get confused. Kids don’t like problem solving in math simply because whenever they ask a teacher how to understand, they make it even more complicated and confusing.

The Terror of Solving Math

When you look at a math problem, what do you feel? Do you feel excited to tackle the problem, or do you feel a bit out of your depth? For most children, they feel unable to understand or solve the math question posed to them; and it’s never a good thing for a child. Math is supposed to challenge the mind but also be easier for children to learn so that they can continue their learning experience. Why not find ways to make your child like problem solving in math? Use a math solver to help, or try to find a way for the child to learn more effective.

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